Netizens still don't believe her tale

Azawi’s maiden concert has been the news of the century (well apart from Tiwa savaging Kampala of course).. Artists flocked the show grounds and showed support to their own baby girl Azawi. Since revelers were plenty in number, it showed a great sign of success for the singer hence boosting her performance energy as she looked at tiny heads from below her shaking up and down to her music.

However much many artistes showed up and the world was happy, the eagle eyed Netizens, of course together with the journalists noticed that Vinka was missing at the party. Being in the same record label, everyone believed it was mandatory for vinka to show up and support her own(or wasn’t it?). Almost immediately, Netizens and revelers attribjted her absence to jealousy and mentioned that she could not stomach the success of a newbie and it did nkt go well with her.


In an interview with Sanyuka Tv at Lugogo Cricket Oval on Friday however, Vinka revealed that she didn’t intentionally snub Azawi’s concert and she was not jealous of her own sister in any way. She mentioned that her missing the concert was unintentional.

Vinka stressed that Azawi’s concert came at a time when she was already booked to perform in Canada hence her absence. She also maintained that even though she didn’t show up at the concert, she had Azawi in her prayers and she was happy when the concert turned into a success.


To many, this still looks like one of those perfect excuses of “I was not in the Country‘ yet infact she could have been somewhere trying not to choke on jealousy upon the success of her label mate’s concert.

Leticia Nambaziira

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