Big Sam will be investigated to find out what he did with the money he was paid for fic fameica to perfoem

It doesn’t look good for singer Shafik Walukaaga aka Fik Fameica. Lately, it seems like he has been landing into more trouble than he should be landing himself into. Just days after news surfaced that he has been allegedly banned alongside Winnie Nwagi from stepping in the UK for a period of 10 years, things have gotten even worse for him.

It is alleged that some promoters from Kasenge in Wakiso district recently ran to Police to sue him. They are allegedly accusing him of dodging their show and failing to tuen up to perform for revelers yet they had paid him fully. They say that he didn’t turn up or give a reason why. Even when they tried to reach out to him, all they received was insults from him, something they did not take lightly. They mentioned that the payment was made to his manager called Big Sam.

We organized a show and paid his manager called Big Sam 1 million shillings who assured us that he would be available. All the other artists advertised showed up but he didn’t show up. We have tried to reach out but all we receive is insults from their camp. That’s why we have lodged a complaint against him because we incurred losses of 10m shillings and we want him to compensate us.

The event promoters

Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson Luke Owoyesigire also confirmed that they had received a complaint in regards to this matter. He then mentioned that the investigations are on going and they will come to the bottom of the entire matter with the events getting back the money that they invested into Fik Fameica to appear on stage.

He said that they will be investigating the incidences reported before they come up with a conclusive report. However, for those who are starting to smell trouble in Fik Fameica’s house, woe unto you for there is no conclusive evidence that he took this free money. Luke Owoyesigire went ahead to mention that it’s not Fik Fameica that is facing the danger but rather they are going to investigate his manager because it was him who received the money.

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