He is cooking up something big in the studio

Recently, the faded but legendary singer known as Toolman Kibalama decided to tie the knot with his long term girlfriend and baby mama. The couple that is blessed with two handsome boys had been together for over more than 10 years till they decided to tie the knot and make their relationship official.

He disappeared from the music scene without warning and left many wondering where he had run off to. Toolman left his fans with the ‘kisumuluzo‘ song, vibing to it but wishing for more yet they could not get music out of him. Music aside, he was not even spotted anywhere in Kampala so it was alleged that he even flew out of the country and transfered his capital elsewhere.

The function that was attended by a few invited guests was not highly publicized until it was completed when a few photos were shared. The media went into a frenzy as they shared images, making them go viral because the long lost gentleman was finally found, on his own wedding.

As lugambo mongers were walking around Kampala, they landed on a freshly married man chilling out in Kampala, without his wife and children. This was a shocker as he was expected to be somewhere chilling on his honeymoon with the love of his life. Ofcourse they rushed for an interview majorly to find out about his faded music career.

Speaking in an interview on Spark TV, Toolman Kibalama was asked to share plans on whether he is ready to bounce back musically. He did not say no ladies and gentleman. Instead, he stressed that he will just do it as a surprise for his fans because he is cooking in the studio and working on something new. This means we should expect something massive from the long lost Toolman Kibalama.

Leticia Nambaziira

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