Jemo is soon to grace the screen once more.

Around April last year, singer VP Jemo was caught up in a petty theft scandal where he waa taken to the police station and gravely accused of being a petty thief. He was lined up along with other unidentified gentlemen whom were believed to be his gang members and allies. VIP Jemo was ofcourse confused bht he did not rush to defwnd himself or get out of the situation he had been plunged into.

According to Jemo’s accuser, the singer with his clique ambushed him and demanded his phone and other belongings. All the while, he claimed they were beating him in a bid to make him more fearful and submissive. He recounts that he was luckily saved by the nearby police and neighbours following the loud noise he made.

Upon nabbing the culprits, VIP Jemo was amongst them. His face was all over social media platforms as it went viral that Jemo’s career had collapsed, leading to him resorting to petty theft for survival. Many headlines hit the media about this issue that it made him disappear just to settle the cloud.

while appearing in an interview with Sanyuka Tv, Jemo poured cold water on the allegations. The “Sima” star revealed that he was mistaken to be a thief since he was at the scene at the time an unidentified person tried to snatch the phone. He mentioned that he was only a victim of circumstance as he was at the wrong place in the wrong time.

Furthermore, Jemo noted that the saga greatly affected him and his music career since his fans consider him to be a phone thief. He crowned the interview by apologizing to his fans for being linked to such immoral acts. Remarking on his music career, Jemo revealed that he is currently signed under a new management, and promised his fans new music very soon.

Leticia Nambaziira

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