He says they would have loved to see Juliana perform.

The B2C trio is set to hold a concert on August 19 at Freedom City in Kampala, but it will be a major showdown that day, as Kanyomozi decided to fix hers on the same day, a few footsteps away from their venue at the Kampala Serena Hotel. Being that it is such a short distance, many have argued that Juliana intended for this to happen since the boys had been organizing their concert earlier than she slated hers.

Asked what the group felt about what the female soloist did, Mr. Lee showed optimism, saying that sometimes bad moments are a gateway to great. He mentioned that even this situation they were in with Juliana was bound to have good things that come with it however much there was bound to be competition because they are targeting the same audience.

First of all, in every bad situation, there is an opportunity… it’s not good… if we are all Ugandans and have planned shows… we are targeting the same audience… it would be good if we picked different days

Mr. Lee

Bobby lash however could not pretend to be optimistic as he immediately condemned what Juliana did, mentioning that it was very selfish of her to have picked the date she clearly knew was announced by the trio as their concert date. Bobby mentioned that this was intentional as it was not the first time such a thing was happening

Mr. Lee has come out to hint that it is sad the concerts will be held on the same day and they won’t get a chance to see Juliana perform yet they are her fans. Mr. Lee said they (B2C) would have loved to see Juliana Kanyomozi perform if their concerts were not being held on the same day.

For starters, we are Juliana Kanyomozi’s fans but we won’t be able to attend the show and we would have wanted to. But we won’t be able to

Mr. Lee

Leticia Nambaziira

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