Everyone blames the ban on sheebah karungi

As musicians are fuming over the recent ban they have received from the Ministry of education that stops them from taking secular music into schools, the UMA President (she still is president right?), Cindy Sanyu has differed from other musicians who are up in arms with the Ministry of Education for banning music concerts in schools.he totally supports the idea.

According to Cindy, the embargo might be severe, but it is a lesson to musicians to always be mindful of their dress code when going to perform before children. This was directly pointing at a few of the musicians who dress skimpily and revealingly Infront of school children as they dirty dance, making students get wild imaginations. (Cindy however is not any better as she is also famous for skimpy dressing).

Every one however seems to be pointing fingers at Sheebah Karungi, blaming her for having brought about the ban of secular music from school. Let us be fair. She may be an example but she doesn’t dress skimpily alone per say.

Yes, the ban might have been caused by one artiste, but it doesn’t mean other musicians have not been dressing indecently,” Cindy remarked. The video was an example of what happens generally. The ministry now wants to streamline things. I believe it is for the better


Sheebah however as usual is unbothered about all these criticisms as she only minds her business and performances. Recently when she dressed skimpily and performed at a school, it is what led to the backlash from the ministry and they decided to ban secular music in school since it was threatening the morality of the children.

Leticia Nambaziira

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