He says it is fake news and he won't be in Uganda.

A moment of silence for everyone who was eagerly waiting on the famous Burna boy concert that was announced to be in December. Burna Boy has come out to clear the air after he came across this poster that displayed that he would be live in Uganda. Since he has been much anticipated, the poster has already been going viral all over media most especially on Twitter.

Burna boy says the posters that have been making rounds advertising about him having a concert in Uganda are false. Rather than give his artistes false hopes and he does not turn up, he decided to be honest about it and break the rumor immediately.

As more Nigerian artists continue to flock into different events in Kampala, several party goers have been asking when Burna Boy will grace the Pearl of Africa. Well, not any time soon I guess. It must be the anticipation that made people draw up a poster in hopes that this dream of seeing burna boy perform would become a reality.

The past few days have seen a rise in anticipation for the Nigerian singer and a poster that went viral even raised the hopes higher.The poster had information noting how the Grammy award winning artist is slated to perform in Uganda this December.

He however quickly dissipated the rumor mentioning that he won’t be in Uganda because this poster was not his own making and he has not yet planned a concert in Uganda.

I will not be there. This is fake news. It is fake!


Imagine the pain in the comment section on his tweet. Many Ugandans were left rubbing eyes and nursing heart aches after this revelation (a disheartened sigh). We hope Burna can plan a concert to Uganda real soon to soothe the hearts on Ugandans.

Leticia Nambaziira

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