She believes there is a better way to address the issue.

The Ministry of Education and Sports temporarily banned live music concerts in schools until notice. This was triggered by a performance from the queen Karma Sheebah karungi in a school where she was dressed to kill and reveal. Videos went viral and one thing led to many others so the ministry was not pleased and decided to ban secular musicians from performing in school for the time being.

The acting Permanent Secretary for the ministry said until they put in place the necessary guidelines, musicians can not step into schools. It is mentioned that the embargo is only a temporary measure to impart discipline into so.e artistes and make them réalisé they are spreading immorality in schools. She mentioned that until they put in place a few rules and guidelines to keep themselves in check, they will not be given a chance to perform in schools.

Sadly, the current UMA president Cindy sanyu did nothing to fight for the musicians who were innocent of such accusations but rather she went ahead to support the government in their decision, mentioning that artistes needed to learn and keep their trauma to themselves and not dress indescently in feont if students(and well she spoke to herself as well)

Musician Karole Kasita, one of the biggest performers in schools has condemned the move by the ministry saying it fighting musicians indirectly. This was after male artiste Rickman came out and urged the ministry to attack the indescent artistes face to face and not involve the innocent ones, denying them a chance at making money through school performances.

We perform in these schools to earn a living. If you stop us, where will we get money? The ministry should find a better way to address the issue of bad dress code

Karole Kasita.

Many musicians have expressed their dissatisfaction with the decision which they believe to be unfair since most of them do not actually dress indescently but they are taking the fall for a few bad seeds and they are loosing out on an opportunity to earn money yet they need to survive.

Leticia Nambaziira

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