Zarı calls Rita a namamonde

When Ritah Kaggwa posted pictures of herself at the airport, she did not expect to be attacked by socialite zarı hassan, the surgery queen. Zari was the very first to comment on Rita Kaggwa’s looks in the photos she took while at the airport saying she is dressed and looks like “namamonde” (a bulky and shapeless sweet potato)

In response, Rita Kaggwa said she didn’t know Zari had called her “namamonde” but if that is the case she doesn’t care because she looks better than her even with no surgeries on her body. She mentioned that zarı is only a Botox queen who posses behind multiple body surgeries and bleaching to look beautiful so she should not even comment on Her.

Ritah is known for calling out celebrities on her blog and having a go at them, dissing them and unmasking their hidded dirty secrets. For the longest time, she has been battling with self proclaimed prostitute bad Black but it seems Zarı wanted the attention to shift to her,which did and she is now harvesting abuses fro Ritah.

Ritah said no one should dare to compare her with Zari after all she is a respected married woman unlike Zarı who goes around romping young boys fit to be her sons, more educated and has accumulated her wealth from working not inheriting like Zari

Zari Hassan and I should never be compared since I am superior to her. I have a good education, am married, and have earned everything I have

Ritah Kaggwa

We surely love a good verbal war and Ritah Kaggwa never disappoints. Over to you Zarı, please dont disappoint us

Leticia Nambaziira

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