He says the bond he has with his wife is unbreakable

For an period of time now, weasel has been on the spotlight for beating up his baby mama Sandra Teta. A picture of her, unrecognizable was dumped on social media by a journalist who told people to watch out or else Weasel was bound to kill his wife himself. Since then, the viral news over the internet has been about Sandra Teta, the punching bag

Weasel has received a number of criticisms from his fans, fellow artists, media personalities and authorities who have heavily criticized his unethical conduct before urging Teta to exit the singer’s toxic marriage. This is a plea that Teta has not taken heed to as she proves she loves her hubby more than anything. She mentioned she was not beaten by her hubby but rather was attacked by thugs who stole from her and beat her up as well(unbelievable)

Weasel, however, came out and maintained that his wife was okay, and proved so in a series of videos that portrayed the couple having a good together. Netizens are still not convinced with this mambo jambo as they claim all this is a cover up not to kill Weasel’s career.

In one of the videos cited by netizens, Weasel could be seen happily kissing with his wife Sandra Teta their close friends cheered on and boy it really looked so staged most especially with the friends cheering on like they were watching reality TV. In the same video, Weasel revealed that he is a happy family man and the bond that unites him with his wife is unbreakable. This is a hint for netizens to stop dumping all these accusations on him.

Leticia Nambaziira

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