She says she needed elevation which she did not get with her old Management

Ahead of the release of her new ‘Limited Edition’ album, dancehall singer Karole Kasita has changed her management to steer her brand forward. The album release party is meant to take place on 11th August 2022 and it will be slated at the garden city rooftop.

Karole Kasita is very excited about this upcoming achievement which she termed will be very huge for her and she mentioned that for her big dream to finally become a reality, she needed a much stronger and more competent management rather than the one she has been attached to in the recent months.

Karole Kasita is reported to have ditched her long-time management team on grounds that it was no longer adding value to her brand. According to her, she was not being added on and she was not growing, something that was keeping her further from her vision because her vision was to grow musically and become international, something she is most likely not to achieve with her previous management.

Rumors making rounds reveal that she hired the services of Recho Rey’s former manager Apple to steer and elevate her brand to the next level. According to her, Apple is very capable of elevating her career and taking her music to the next level where she needs to be.

The ‘Yaka’ singer confirmed the news of dumping her old crew during an interview on Sanyuka TV when she was asked about the rumor that was ongoing about how she dumped her management. It is now confirmed that she is with a new management.We wish you all the best Karole Kasita

Leticia Nambaziira

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