People like Etania Mutoni, Sheilah Gashumba among many others have always stormed stage to grab a moment with the popular artists when they visit Uganda. The last time it was Etania that made news after clinging onto Nigerian superstar chike and giving him the whine of his life, leaving him unable to breathe.

On Saturday night, Sanyuka TV presenter Allen Kankunda aka Alaine Alya left revelers shocked after she grabbed Nigerian superstar, Kizz Daniel and refused to left go last night. She stole the moment during Kizz Daniel’s 50-minute performance when she stormed the stage and got a chance to whisper sweet words in Kizz’s ear.

Midway through his performance, Kizz Daniel invited a few female fans on stage one of whom was Sanyuka TV presenter, Alaine Alya. While performing Sofa, Kizz Daniel lifted her up and she stuck on him like a sloth on a branch.While lifting her up, she superglued on him as she whispered a few words in Kizz Daniel’s ears before leaving the stage.

Surely, Etania has got nothing on Alya because she clearly knows how to stick to men and give them the time of their lives. If this is the so called ‘kwetega‘, alya is experienced in this thing.

Aside from the naughty Dance, Netizens could swear that they saw everything under Alya’s skirt as it was skimpy but she kept jumping and bouncing with excitement over being close to Kizz that the skirt kept going up and down like it was instructed to reveal her goodies.

Alya giving and receiving the time of her life

Netizens are also dying to find out what Alya whispered to Kizz because she was clearly using her mouth close to his ear as he smiled while she whined on him. (Hahaha)

Leticia Nambaziira

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