Prossy says Weasel and Sandra sorted out their issue and they are okay.

Weasel has been with Sandra for more than five years but he has never visited Sandra’s parents at any point. He has however been able to thump her like the famous ‘engalabi‘ (traditional drum) every time he sips alcohol or gets any kind of stress.

Like any other people their marriage is not perfect but for this particular couple, it is worse because Weasel has gone beyond to beating his wife Sandra and exposing their children. Even when she defends him and brings about stories that she was only beaten by thugs as she was robbed, the entire universe knows she is undergoing domestic violence and she badly needs help

According to Weasel’s mother Prossy Mayanja, Weasel’s issue is blown out of proportion because he is a celebrity but he solved his issue with his wife and they are happy together. According to netizens, all of this talk is just meant to calm the public down as it was sinking for Weasel since netizens started demanding for justice for Teta. Weasel could not handle the pressure so he ran to his family to seek protection and it started with chameleon defending Weasel during one of his performances and as if that was not enough, his mother has also come out to defend him as well now.

Prossy Mayanja said they want Sandra to introduce Wessel to her parents and preparations are already underway so people should wait. If she has been beaten to pull without a proper introduction, then what will happen when he pays dowry? Won’t he chop her to pieces?

Weasel and Sandra’s ceremony are underway i remember we had planned for everything in June but there is something that stopped us but this time it is going to happen very soon


If thisceremony is to happen any time soon, we should pray for Weasel that as he heads off to his wife’s home to be introduced, his in laws shall not grab him and tear him to pieces after eveeyrhinf he did to their daughter.

Leticia Nambaziira

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  1. If it’s true its so sad if he is beating her

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