She eventually embraced it and fell in love with herself

In most cases, we have seen ladies distancing themselves from the claims that they bleached. When a woman is told such a thing, it is received as an insult and in most cases, even when signs are evident that she bleached, she does not receive the criticism well. Local singer Mary Bata has broken the stereotype as she has admitted to claims that she bleached, something that most ladies don’t want to confess to.

The singer opened up about bleaching saying that she was trying to get rid of pimples that she had gotten fed up of. She mentioned that her skin looked very humpy and bumpy all because she had pimples, something she was not ready to put up with so she decided to get rid of the pimples. In the process however, she noticed her color change, something she had not planned on.

Maey bata before bleaching

In fighting pimples, she was directed to use different products and she ended up landing on some creams that instead changed her skin texture. When she however noticed that her face was starting to change color yet her body was not,she decided to work upon that issue to avoid being multi coloured like a rainbow.

She then chose to make a choice of bleaching her skin to change her skin complexion, something that she is not scared and afraid of mentioning in public. She said since it was her choice, there was no need to hide ot or go around it.. Mary Bata can’t say she is proud of what she did, but she did chase the pimples eventually. She went ahead ro say at first it was a mistake to bleach but she fell in love with who she became and decided to uphold it.

Mary Bata after ekizigo

I bleached skin by mistake at first because I was trying to fight bleaching but later I fell in love with ithe whole process.

Mary Bata

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