Artistes always have something up their sleeves when it comes to promotion of their music, be it in their country or outside their country. Many of them use antics while many resort to drama to sell their music. There are some who also use other methods like teaming up with international stars to promote their music. Spice Diana has opted for number three.

This time around, the self proclaimed star gal has a song called ‘Doctor’, and as usual, has not wasted time coming up with creative means on how to push it on social media way before even releasing it’s audio. Spice Diana has asked for the help of famous Kenyan comedian Eric omondi.

In the video that has left internet ablaze, Spice Diana, clad in a skimpy pink skirt and a small top can be seen in between Eric omondi’s legs, shaking and whining for him as she expresses utmost feelings of joy. In return, he, dressed as a doctor looks so mesmerized and with his mouth open wide, he uses a stethoscope to listen to her heartbeat, something that makes her even whine more(must be the adrenaline).

How often do you visit your doctor? I just visited my doctor @ericomondi. We shall keep you posted about the results.

Spice Diana.

Netizens who did not know this is a teaser for a new song were in anticipation that could be the gentleman Spice Diana mentioned before, saying she is in a private relationship. Well you thought wrong.

Leticia Nambaziira

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