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Angela Katumba tells women to get out of the kitchen and make money.

Angella Katatumba is one woman who has always made it clear that she is not meant to be in the kitchen. She mentions that this is not a place for her and she can not be constrained in a kitchen cooking meals for a husband while the world moves on. She mentioned all this during an interview where she said she was a free bird who wanted to experience life to the fullest.

Now Katatumba is showing the fruits of her hardwork as she brought in an imported brand new Land cruiser V8 and immediately personalized her number plate. Yes, netizens are in awe over this beautiful new ride that she recently paraded all over her social media platforms, hinting at fellow women that her hustling was finally paying off.

While speaking to the press, Katatumba declined to talk about the price of the car but according to reports, it is valued at around USD80,000 (over Ugx300m). Yes, quite a hefty sum according to the current economy.

No. I bought my own car. 2022 car but we don’t talk about prices. It is a brand new car that was imported for me


She then called upon fellow women to take lessons from her by quitting being housewives and hustling hard to better their lives. She called out every woman to stop performing marital rites all because they are pleasing their husbands and start working towards their success because men tend to be disappointing but money never disappoints.

I always tell women to leave the kitchens and start working hard. It will be hard for them to buy thongs like this. They have to come on ground and hustle like us


Katatumba noted that she owns various businesses and runs her father’s properties from which she earns.

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