Swangz Avenue bailed out on Winnie Nwagi people. She is now stuck with her maiden concert that still does not have a major sponsor. The concert that has been dubbed the ‘fire concert‘ is slated for 9th September 2022. However much Winnie nwagi is a good musician, the stumbling block between her and her success is surely her character. Many of her fans have come out to comment that she needs to work on her temper and her personal relationships with people as well as her fans.

Swangz avenue played it safe and sold the show to city promoter, Kavuuma of KT Events.Due to the high risk associated with Winnie Nwagi’s unruly character, the label knew brands would not be part of her show. She is currently hustling to fine a sponsor for her show but no one is willing to embrace her because of fear that the show may turn scandalous in the end and nay end up into a fist fight between her and her fans.

Swangz Avenue is a 360-entertainment brand that organizes big shows like Roast & Rhyme on top of buying concerts from other local musicians, so it can be assumed that the label just dumped her at the last hour. It could not have been about the money because Swangz Avenue is loaded enough to sponsor such a show alongside four more.

Netizens are not happy with the way Swangz Avenues has run from Winnie Nwagi since they are the ones responsible for her as a label. In the first place, they were meant to keep her in check and ensure she doesn’t go overboard when it comes to her character. It is a shame that they failed to keep her in check, couldn’t correct her errors and are choosing to run from her at the last minute. What an embarrassment.

Now while Nwagi struggles with the concert she was yearning for in her entire existence, Swangz Avenues sits back and watches as an artiste, signed under their label wilts away due to errors they could have helped her correct.

Leticia Nambaziira

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