When Winnie nwagi was bounced from the Ministry of Internal affairs after she went to pick her passport, no one knew the real reason in its entirety until recently when one of the guards who was responsible for throwing her out gave a detailed explanation of why she was harshly thrown out of the exit doors

She was wearing very short, I think they call them hot pants, very short. The whole lower body was out for the public to see. The thighs were out and although she was putting on a jacket which was big… it was tattered. It had various holes everywhere… and then it was also exposing the area of the breasts

said the guard

The Ministry has said her offensive dress code wouldn’t have been noticed if it wasn’t for the kids that were present on that day. He said the children were very disturbed by what they saw and they kept on pointing fingers at her.

Winnie said she did not mean to dress indescently but rather it wasnot in plan for her to go to Internal affairs. She said that she had gym plans and as she headed for gym, her Manager called and told her to pass by the Ministry to grab her passport.

That day I had a gym program. I was already going to the gym… then my manager called telling me to pass by the Internal Affairs Ministry and work on renewing your passport… when I reached, they told me the dress code is not allowed.

Winnie Nwagi

She however mentioned that ahe knew what everyone thought of her and that no one would ever believe her but she was unbothered by that since she was just being honest.

You know, personally, I have a daily program, so I’m just trying to be honest with you guys because everyone is just saying whatever they can, yet they don’t know know what happened


Leticia Nambaziira

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