Singer Weasel has been the talk of town for the past weeks after pictures of his battered baby mama Sandra Teta made rounds on social media. Many voices have been risen since then, demanding gor justice and also asking for Weasel to change his ways and be a better husband and father.

Issues worsened when Jose chameleon’s wife Daniella called out to weasel publicly, begging him to change his ways for the better if he did not want to be exposed by her. She nonetheless went ahead to inform the entire World that he was a violent man once he associated with alcohol. When weasel pleaded with her to stop, she still went ahead and posted his messages as he pleaded with her. (Not a joker at all)

Weasel has recently been defended by his mother, who came out to hush all the rumors against her son, sayıng he and his wife were in great terms and that he was soon officially visiting her parents in Rwanda.

Even Catherine Kusasira, who went to the same school with Weasel, was asked to comment about the Musician’s conduct while in school. She noted that he was a very polite, quiet, and calm individual who just changed in his adulthood because of the enviroment surrounding him.

Weasel wasn’t violent when we were in school. He was a very calm and quiet person. He has just changed recently and maybe learned bad habits where he resides.


whereas all these people are on Weasel’s side, the public has still not changed their opinion on Weasel as they still consider him an abuser. If he indeed abused Sandra Teta, then he has a long way to go in trying to change into a better person, or rather a better husband.

Leticia Nambaziira

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