Famous blogger Ritah Kaggwa was recently arrested in Uganda after she landed with her Nigerian hubby. She went ahead to throw him a welcome bash at her parents home. It was all joy and festivities until after the celebration when uniformed armed men came knocking at the door, taking Ritah Kaggwa with them, leaving her family speechless.

As Ritah Kaggwa was giving an update about her arrest in a video clip that was shared by her long term enemy Bad Black, Ritah Kaggwa revealed that she was nabbed by over 20 police officers, something that caught her by surprise because as far as she is concerned, she has never been a criminal in her own country.

Ritah noted that she has no idea why she was arrested because when the British high commission checked the records, her name wasn’t on the wanted list and hence she was free to roam in her home country as she pleased. She was therefore surprised upon being arrested without any case against her.

Yes, I got arrested. It was after the party we threw for my husband to welcome him home. Over 20 officers flocked into our compound and they took me to the station. I will soon be a free woman because am sure of my innocence. I have made multiple calls to the UK and they have promised to look through the issues. Soon I will be out

Ritah Kagwa

In the same video, Ritah Kaggwa notes that after making several calls to the United Kingdom, they assured her to look into the matter, and help her as soon as possible. She then told all her fans and supporters not to worry because everything shall be sorted soon since she knows she is innocent and has no criminal records.

Leticia Nambaziira

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