It was Saturday evening when rumours started swirling on social media suggesting that the London-based blogger Ritah Kaggwa had been arrested and detained at CPS. Following her fly in with hubby, she surprised him with a wonderful welcome home party together with her family. The happiness was however shortlived since she got curbed by police from her home.

The arrest that was initiated by over 20 police officers didn’t spare her close female friend, her husband and her four British kids as well. Even after Ritah revealed that she was innocently arrested in a video clip, her long term enemy Bad Black insisted that there were over 100 complainants including the government pinning Ritah for going against several laws that govern the country.

Bad black could not hide her joy as she celebrated the arrest of Ritah Kaggwa all over social media. Having exposed each other’s dirty secrets, she was not about to take pity on her offender so she stated the truth of her joy upon the arrest of Ritah.

Black disclosed that she is also a state witness, who is ready to provide any form of evidence that will lead to Ritah Kaggwa’s imprisonment. She mentioned that as a good citizen of this country, she voukd not let criminals roam free yet she has proper evidence to put such crooks behind bars.

Sadly however, it has been disclosed that Ritah was rescued from jail by the president of the Uganda Bloggers Association Isma Olaxess who made sure she was out in the wee hours of the morning. (Well you can always try again later Bad Black)

Leticia Nambaziira

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