In all honesty, this year must not be Crysto Panda’s year. It all begun with the government embago on artistes to perform in schools. Crysto Panda was well known for his role in organising shows in schools and enticing artistes to perform at them, something he has been earning money from. That was cut off from him with the embago so he expected to live off his own music and concerts, but even that seems unattainabke currently.

Crysto Panda’s concert which was held last Saturday at Lugogo Cricket Grounds flopped, leaving him in endless tears as he had accumulated huge amounts of debts in order to make the concert happen.

Crysto Panda is an artiste well known for jumping on trends as most of his music comea from trending words. His target audience is therefore usually school going youths and the youngest generation.

The moment Crysto Panda sensed that holidays had begun, he took his chance to set up a concert to welcome them back from school and earn himself some extra cash. In preparation for this concert, he ended up borrowing a lot of money as investment, hoping rhat Lugogo would be filled with various people ready to feast on his performance.


To Crysto Panda’s disappointment however, his concert was interrupted by heavy rains and very few people turned up for the show leaving him in very huge losses.

Leticia Nambaziira

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