Lindah Lisa Charania Mukasa says she came prepared for her relationship with her lover boy media personality Douglas Lwanga. Over the years they have been together, people have taken chances to throw spiteful comments towards them, claiming that the two are not meant to be together and that they don’t suit each other.

People will always talk. But sometimes you remind them that even if you talk, I like what I’m doing… I was prepared for it


During an interview with sanyuka TV, she mentioned that she has been with Douglas for a solid 11 years and if that is not marriage then she doesn’t know what is. She made it clear that they are unweded but a ring can never define marriage because in all the 11 years, there is nothing they have not done together that married couples do.

No word will kill my marriage… I came determined… We’ve not wedded, what you people want… A ring doesn’t define marriage… literally I have been married for 11 years… I have been with him for 11 years, what’s new? There is nothing new. We’ve done everything. You’ve talked about it all. We’ve heard it all. You won’t change us.”


Being that they are celebrities, their relationship has been a point of social media discussion over the 11 years they have been together, as some people believe Mukasa is older than Lwanga. Linda Mukasa has however dismissed this, saying they should not even argue with her because it does not concern them but if they are dying to know then they should recall that douglas is older than her.

FYI… he’s older than me if you must know (and y’all can argue with your keyboards). Trust me when I say we both [are] comfortable with and embraced our imperfections.


According to Linda Mukasa, their relationship wouldn’t have lasted this long if they didn’t love each other.

Leticia Nambaziira

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