News has reached us that Mama Ghetto, real name Claire Selina Nangajja, who is popularly known as Faded singer butcher man’s wife is one of the persistent feminists who are working tirelessly to have Weasel brought to justice over alleged domestic violence on his baby mama Sandra Teta.

About a few weeks ago, Weasel was cornered like a mouse when pictures of his baby mama with a deformed face hit the İnternet waves , leaving Netizens shook about what was happening to her. However much she came out to defend him, claiming she was attacked by goons, he would never be excused by the public because they chose not to believe her.

Daniella Atim, wife of Weasel’s elder brother Jose Chameleone, through endless posts on her Instagram page, amplified a campaign to have her mulamu squeezed and made to pay for crimes he allegedly commits when he is drunk, and also pushed for Sandra’s ‘justice’.

Taking no concern for Weasel’s feelings, Daniella went an extra mile to pen down a lengthy letter to hubby’s mum, Prossy Mayanja, in which she accused her of always covering up for her rowdy sons. She was not wrong however because She was seen defending her son, mentioning that he and Sandra were in better terms than ever before.

Daniella in her letter to her mother in law pinpointed Mama Ghetto as one of her sources of information regarding this entire saga. When weasel saw this, he immediately reached otlut to butcherman, urging him to tame his wife.

In a leaked phone recorded audio, aWeasel is heard telling butcher man to control his lioness unless she was the one in control of the home. He tells Butcher man that if his wife is not careful, he will sue her for defamation.

Leticia Nambaziira

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