When images of a sad Sandra Teta

hit the İnternet, disclosing her face all thumped and swollen beyond recognition, the internet went ablaze, demanding that Weasel come out and pays for having treated his baby mama like a chicken thief.

Wife to Jose Chameleon, Daniella Atim took it upon herself to come out and inform the entire country that a fellow woman was suffering somewhere and she needed help in form of courage to get up and face her fears and leave her abusive husband. Daniella started an end domestic violence campaign online and since then, many Ugandans have been putting pressure on Weasel to be accountable for his actions.

Teta’s parents got concerned and jetted in Uganda from Rwanda to take their daughter back home because what they saw all over the internent and the news was too much for them to bare. Successfully, Teta flew back to Rwanda last week together with her two children.

Yesterday, an audio of Weasel telling Bucha Man to tell his wife, Mama Ghetto to leave his family matters leaked online. According to Sandra, it was leaked by Mama Ghetto herself but she only leaked half of the audio because the other half also has her talking to butcher man, begging him to control his wife and leave her family alone. Weasel warned Bucha Man that he will sue his Mama Ghetto for defamation if she doesn’t pull out from his family matters.

Today, sandra has come out to call upon Daniella and Mama Ghetto to leave her family alone, claiming she can handle her own marriage and does not need anyone else to help her with that. Sandra mentioned that she is grateful for the unneeded help but if she ever needs help from the two most supportive women, she will willingly call them to her rescue but currently, they need to leave her family alone.

Leticia Nambaziira

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