Sheebah karungi recently during an interview came out to mention that she hates the fact that men can stand to beat their lovers, the same men who came to propose very humbly turning into vicious animals. She mentioned that the issue with weasel and Sandra Teta was very detestable and she hates men who beat up women yet even their mothers are women.

“I want men to start thinking about the fact that women are the mothers of the nation, so you can’t beat your own mother. When you beat a woman… you are beating your own mother because that woman is the mother of your children… it doesn’t make sense. Men, they need to start respecting women more


Sheebah however mentioned that women also need to take a step in order to end this act against them. She mentioned that women need to respect themselves if this is to stop. Sheebah mentioned that women like Tea should stop covering up for their abusive men and take their freedom into their own hands.

You can’t stay in a place where a man beats you everyday. Even if you raise your hand attempting to beat me, I’m gone. Because I know one day, he will do it. So, women should not put themselves in a situation of being disrespected. They need to fight… Because it starts with us


Sheebah mentioned that indeed she does feel sorry for Tea but it is upon Teta to disassociate with the violence that is being subjected to her as well as the manipulation to move on with her life in a better place away from her abuser, something Tea seems to be ignoring.

I feel terrible and sad for Teta as well. But I need Teta to understand as well, she needed to fight, as a woman for her children and for all the women out there. Don’t stay where you are beaten every day.


According to sheebah, women need to demand for the respect they so deserve because they are women, mothers and they need respect. She added that once a woman can not demand for her respect from a man, she ceases to be a woman.

Leticia Nambaziira

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