Juliana Kanyomozi will be holding her first concert in eight years on Friday, August 18 at the Kampala Serena Hotel.During a recent interview with Extra Digest, she was asked why she never performs at shows organised by other singers and she said it’s because she’s rarely invited. She mentioned however that she needed to be invited in order for her to be able to help in performing at a concert.

You have to ask me. You have to invite me if you want me to help


The singer also got heavy criticism when she scheduled her concert on the same day as Born 2 Conquer (B2C) group, who will be holding theirs at Freedom City in Kampala. Since the B2C soldiers had already scheduled their concert first,it looked like Juliana had only vome in to disrupt their concert with hers, or block their prosperity.

According to DJ Nimrod, Kanyomozi does not deserve all the support she is getting from fellow musicians as she never bothers to even push Their concerts yet here they are, struggling to help her promote hers. He argued that she only posted about Azawi’s concert which was held on July 22 because Azawi is managed by Swangz Avenue, which is also promoting her upcoming concert.

This Music Industry can be funny and unpredictable. The way Ugandan Musicians are posting about Juliana’s Show and yet she NEVER posts any of your shows

DJ Nimrod

DJ nimrod mentioned that it would be best if musicians in the industry support each other equally rather than having a few support some who dont even reciprocate the support they have received.

I love an industry where we support each other or where we support those who support us… She doesn’t deserve the support she doesn’t give

DJ Nimrod

Leticia Nambaziira

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