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“You should ask me about music, not about my private life” Levixone on Désire Luzinda secret marriage

Ever since Levixone held a secret wedding with fellow gospel artiste Desire Luzinda, it has been the talk of town, most especially after having seen a music video of Levi featuring Ray G having the clips of the secret wedding. Since then netizens have been confused about whether the wedding was real or it was just another stunt to promote his music video.

Levixone after being asked during an interview whether his marriage is really valid or it is just another stunt,he refused to admit which was which and only managed to say that people should stop investing a lot of time on that saga and fovus on his music because it is the one thing that bonds him to his fans.

The singer added that he has nothing to talk about in all of this news. All he is concentrating on is his music career. When they asked him whether his ‘new bride’ will grace his concert, Levixone said that he will talk to her management and see the feedback.

People got to know me because of music and it’s what I give them. It’s actually what bonds me and them together. They should therefore stop asking me about my personal lifestyle. Whether I wedded Desire or not, it’s not a crime either way and if ever feel like I want to explain what happened, I will call them


He mentioned however that he will be blessed if she makes it because she’s been a life changer for many out there. He mentioned that she is an inspiration and she has touched many hearts with her story of change.

For Desire to sing at my upcoming concert, I will have to first talk to her management. Her life is full of testimonies that have changed the world and it would be a great pleasure to have her


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