Yesterday was the birthday of legendary news reader Faridah Nakazibwe. Bruno Kigundu also known as Bruno K has celebrated his alleged girlfriend, NTV Uganda news anchor Faridah Nakazibwe’s birthday with a beautiful message.

However much on several interviews both have denied being in love with each other, they claim that they consider themselves best friends. They however continue to grow closer and show undying affection for each other and the media is left convinced that they have a romantic relationship going on.

He however promised to reserve her a birthday present which he will hand over to her during the Concert she is preparing for the people of Masaka, to show her how impactful and wonderful of a woman she truly is.

Happy birthday Mummy Shinini, Mummy KK, Mummy Kikina. If they ask me to name human beings with big hearts, your name tops the list. We Love you and cherish you. I will give you a belated BD gift on 17th September at Cricket Oval when I attend The Greater Masaka Fete

Bruno K

Bruno k mentioned that he could never stop being thankful to Faridah for having a very big and welcoming warm heart because she welcomed him during the time that no one else could take him in. He mentioned that she was a rare breed of a woman and he would forever admire her for that.

With such Beautiful words, netizens are convinced there is something going on between the pair however much they try to deny the obvious.

Leticia Nambaziira

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