With Juliana’s concert that was slated for Friday at Kampala Serena Hotel turning out as a success, it has put many to shame since there were calls from sections of the public to boycott her concert.

It all started with a section of fans claiming that Juliana was fond of disrupting other musicians after they set their concert dates. This time, it was the B2C boys who had their concert slated for the same day. Many mentioned that Juliana was an enemy of progress as she was hindering the success of fresh musicians as she tried to overshadow them with her performances.

Many like dJ Nimrod came out and literally begged the public to boycott Juliana’s concert since they claim that she doesn’t identify with Ugandan artistes and always sidelines them, not showing any support whatsoever.

However, Catherine Kusasira thinks there is no harm if Juliana sidelines local artistes. She reasons that they are hypocrites. Catherine mentioned that the only thing juliana needs are loyal fans and not just a group of hypocritical musicians pretending to have her back yet they are actually stabbing it.

This time around I will stand with Juliana Kanyomozi for distancing herself away from people… and most especially we Uganda musicians. We are hypocrites. What Juliana needs are her staunch fans and not musicians


It is disappointing however to some Ugandans that Juliana sold out all her tickets for her concert and the public actually was demanding for more even after they were sold out.

Leticia Nambaziira

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