Winnie Nwagi has come out to urge her fans not to ashame her but rather turn up for her show that is soon to happen. For the longest time, she has been anticipating her maiden concert. When her label maye and newbie Azawi held a maiden concert,many urged Nwagi not to settle with it because it was disrespectful that the label chose to give a newbie a maiden concert rather than someone who has been with them for quite a while.

Nwagi however mentioned that everyone had their own time to shine and that her time was soon to come. Yes, finally it is here but it has come with a number of complications along with it. considering the announcement of her concert was followed by the saga of being kicked out of the Ministry of Internal Affairs over indecent dressing, Social media used the disgraceful event to bring up her past scandals that involved a series of immorality, including fighting a waitress and a maid.

On top of that, her concert is being promoted by KT Events instead of her management, Swangz Avenue, and some analysts in the industry have argued that it could be because of disagreements between the singer and the label. Some have gone ahead to mention that Swangz Avenue has dumped Nwagi when she needed them the most. Her manager, who didn’t entirely dismiss the claims, said it is a “business decision” during a past interview with a reporter.

All that aside, Winnie Nwagi is one of the most sought-after female artistes because her music resonates with a wide ranging audience, from old to young and she has songs that can be played at both formal and informal events. When asked what message she has for her fans and what her expectations were for her maiden concert, she shuddered a bit and mentioned that she requested her fans not to ashame her.

Please do turn up. Don’t ashame me


Nwagi has however always faced such challenges and has managed to come out from them stronger. When asked why she chose a name in relation to fire that burns for her maiden concert, she mentioned that she indeed burns and that wherever she is, it is bound to catch fire because she is the vibe.

Leticia Nambaziira

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