With the increasing number of abortions in the youth, it has poses a great threat to the motherhood of very many young women out there. For very many young ladies, the only solution to an unwanted pregnancy is abortion, something that has been discouraged by the Bible but yet highly encouraged bt desperate young women as a way out of the tricky situations they in most times get themselves into.

Very few ladies however are courageous enough to come out and confess to the evil deed of abortion. Very many women go ahead to deny it even when they did it at a point in their lives. In most cases, they fail to face the consequences of this action and even refuse to admit to it.

There are a few women however who decided to come out, using their own personal experiences as lessons to the younger generation, showing them the consequences of such an act which they may not be able to live with in the near future. Comedian Anna Kansiime is one of the few exceptional ladies that have come out to talk about her experience with the act of abortion that nearly cost her an entire family.

Currently,kansiime can be able to gladly embrace her past and talk about it freely just like an educator should. . The famous comedian has come out to speak about life of a girl while still studying, most especially at campus. While appearing on NTV’s evening mother’s show ‘Bump Love’, Kansiime shared her journey where she revealed how she had many miscarriages in the recent past.

Many people had wondered why kansiime, a woman who has it all (money, beauty, a good man) was taking so long when it came to giving birth to an offspring to continue her legacy. The Comedian went on to reveal that she had a lot fears that probably God is punishing her for the past sins of abortion as she had failed to give birth. According to Kansiime, she revealed that she had several abortions while at university.

Miscarriage happens to people who never aborted in life but when you get a miscarriage of the child that you want whether you want it or not you start questioning yourself why and you find that there are reasons and they are there. I started counting how many times I aborted at campus and then started praying,


Kansiime went ahead to mention that she prayed for forgiveness and asked God for pardoning and that is why he blessed her with a bouncing baby boy at the age of 36.

I remember telling God that I want a child, I am retiring at 35 years and he answered my prayer and gave a child at 36 years old


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