Everything good surely comes to an end. Not so long ago, mr. Henrie was always praising his now ex lover Prima Kardash. He was always all over her and his posts about their romantic affair were always in praise of her.

Later on however, Prima publicly disclosed how she had called off her relationship with Mr. Henrie on grounds that the latter was too perfect for her and she wanted to focus on her. To many, this only seemed like a lame excuse because women usually use it when they do not want to hurt the person they have broken up with.

She however mentioned that their breakup was not to affect their working relationship as they were to keep working together here and there. Mr. Henrie was silent about everything that was happening up until recently when he came out to complain about his break up. In regards to that, he mentioned that he was indeed too good for a woman like Prima, stating that it was only right that the two broke up.

Mr. Henrie Seems currently unbothered about what people will think about him as he has decided to blast his ex lover Prima without remorse. While emceeing at the Rolex Festival with his workmate Dj Nimrod, Mr. Henrie asked the revelers if they agree that a bleached woman is not tasty in bed.

The crowd went crazy as they immediately knew who he was referring to when he used that statement. Henrie even went on to ask which person revelers thought he was referring to, and they shouted Prima’s name.

After doing this, it has earned him a lot of criticism online as many people are saying he is only doing such things to get back at Prima for having dumped him. In all honesty, Prima does raise eyebrows when it comes to whether that is her original color. Netizens have also come to a conclusion that this could be one of the reasons why henrie and Prima.

Others, however were not happy with what henrie did as they considered it a lowly move on his ex lover. They have greatly criticized the presenter’s action of exposing the ex-lover’s bedroom secrets, before urging him to man up and find other ways of getting over her.

Leticia Nambaziira

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