Recently, the Katikkiro of Buganda Kingdom Charles Peter mayiga flew out on tour in Europe meeting Baganda in the disapora in different countries. This is where he met blogger Peng Peng who has been, for a long time now attacking him personally via his blogs. Peng peng being the sharp younger gentleman everyone knows him to be has been unapologetic as he was hurling heavy words towards the Katikkiro.

Mayiga revealed that even though he does not follow statements that are made by different bloggers, his assistants brought to his attention people who are facilitated to attack him and he therefore knew all about Peng Peng and all his accusations. He also mentioned that he has no problems with criticism and he welcomes positive criticism if those making it have evidence.

Ugandan controversial blogger Peng Peng has publicly apologised to Buganda Kingdom Premier Charles Peter Mayiga for personally attacking him on social media. Peng, who is based in Sweden, told Mayiga and his delegation from Buganda Kingdom that he was misled by different people to attack Mayiga, something he admits he should never have done.

I’m apologizing to you Owekitiibwa Katikkiro Mayiga for attacking you on social media, I’m a true Muganda from Kkobe clan and my clan head, Omuttaka Augustine Mutumba Kizito is here. I will never attack you and other Kingdom officials on social media from today

Peng Peng

He assured Mayiga that he has opened a new chapter and he is going to start using social media for developmental issues instead of attacking people. He also swore before his clan leader that he would never attack any royal official ever again because he had realised it was not the right thing to do.

Peng used this opportunity to declare war on a fellow controversial Turkey based blogger Fred Kajubi Lumbuye, a loyal boy to National Unity Platform (NUP) president, Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu. He mentioned that it is such people that go around attacking officials of the Buganda Kingdom and it was upon him to crash such parasites.

I take this opportunity to pledge before you, my premier, that from today, I’m going to crush anybody on social media who tries to demean officials in the Buganda Kingdom. I know all the people who are using the likes of Lumbuye. Lumbuye I’m going to crush you if you insist on attacking my kingdom officials

peng Peng

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