The last few years have not been an easy journey for singer Herbert Kityamuweesi, alias Crysto Panda. In June 2020, the singer lost his newborn daughter Aylin Danah Nakyanzi, something which plunged him into depression.

Somehow, he managed to pull himself together and walk through the tough times, got back on his feet and was seemingly fine until a few days ago when everything came crumbling down before him yet again.

The issue arose with his recent troubles where the government banned secular musicians from performing in schools. Crysto Panda was one of the people who were earning a living through organising bashes for high school goers so this was cutting off his means of survival.

Deciding to turn to his music, it also proved not to work out well for him when suddenly, he organised a concert that he dubbed “Crysto Panda Turnup“. He was however disappointed when heavy rains prevented revelers from turning up to show him support at the Lugogo Hockey Grounds.

Following the bad turn up, Panda has had to deal with critics, social media trolls, and the high debt issue which he had to face because of the flopped concert. According to those close to him, this has had effects on him.

Crysto Panda has therefore decided to take a break off social media to recover from the deep depression which he has been battling for a while now. It was on Sunday, when he revealed how he is taking a social media break to focus on bettering his mental health.

The media has had a great impact on his decision as it has offered no solace but rather devastation to him. We wish you a good journey of recovery Crysto Panda.

Leticia Nambaziira

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