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Rema Namakula says she hates Ugandans because they are evil.

Rema hasn’t been in the news a lot lately, something that many Ugandans have not taken lightly since was always the queen bee roaming the place, vlearly stating her presence. In June, Rema trended when she narrated how she was called a “monkey” at a Turkish airport by parents of a kid who saw her and started crying.

The singer also didn’t have it easy with her followers in February when she revealed that she conceived her first child with her current boyfriend Dr. Hamza Ssebunya on Valentine’s day. Netizens got so angry when she revealed such private information that they threw harsh comments on her post, telling her such information was unnecessary.

Rema, during an interview she had with journalists after performing at the B2C concert when asked why she lost her zeal to post about everything hat was going on in her life,she mentioned that it was because Ugandans are so negative and they always turn to her posts with a lot of anger, commenting harshly on her life moreso with hubby Ssebunya. She said she started to hate Ugandans because they choose ‘violence’ every time she shares something interesting about her life.

When I discovered that you Ugandans are evil-hearted, I no longer show you what makes me happy


Rema went ahead to mention that at first she never made a bid deal out of it because she knew there were critics everywhere but it became too much that she decided to just keep her life to herself and avoid the unnecessary drama.

I stopped showing you the good things. I now show you whatever I want. At first, I thought if you’re happy, you should just feel free, let it all out and people see because it’s normal


When Rema was asked about her ex lover Eddy Kenzo, she limited her words, saying she was being interviewed about herself and not about anyone else so it had to be kept that way. She however mentioned that she has deep respect for Kenzo because he is the father of her first child.

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