The most recent trend that is sweeping up celebrities must be coming out to confess to bleaching. With many people coming out and choosing to embrace the fact that they bleached and changed their skin colors, more are still coming in with shocking revelations.

Famous TikTok sensation, Arthur Kayima who is working and staying in Saudi Arabia has left his followers in a daze after he finally opened up about bleaching his skin. Many did not even know that this was not his original color to begin with.

While appearing on a local television, Kayima confessed that he feels more comfortable in his new skin colour. He mentioned that back when he was still dark skinned, he never used to feel comfortable about it and he was always dissed by many people in regards to his appearance. He said he noticed he needed a change, Atleast of his skin color, something he decided to work upon.

Kayima added that bleaching creams are horrendously expensive and are not easy to acquire, most especially getting those that are quite effective . However, he revealed that he does not spend a single coin on the said creams because he has very many people who cherish him and they get him the creams free of charge.

Well, bleaching creams are expensive, but I also do not spend on them. I have many people who love me, and they buy me these creams from Europe


In regards to being a TikTok celebrity, kayima revealed that henow feels more comfortable and free about it. He mentioned that previously, he had self doubt issues before joining the platform but he now gained more confidence in himself in the process.

Leticia Nambaziira

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