A gruesome video emerged on Monday showing Mc Kats in a heated argument with his mother-in-law, saying she was denying him custody of his child. According to Kats, she had never asked her mother in law to pick her child from her but rather she decided to take the child. When it was time to return his daughter, his mother in law apparently refused to giver her back, claiming that MC Kats was not a good father to her.

Give me my child. I have never asked you to look after my child… I have never and I will never… Even your daughter failed… so give me my child

MC kats

However, baby Mama Fille Mutoni says she has always made the daughter available whenever Kats wants to talk to her. She also mentions that the co parenting terms the two have have always worked well for them and they have been in very good terms together with their child.

When the child wants to talk to him, she tells me and I put her on the phone… Even the father comes and takes her out, so our relationship as parents is okay

Fille Mutoni

According to her, the pair is doing their best to raise their beautiful daughter, Abigail Farica Bwiza Kisakye. She went ahead to mention that Kats has always been a good father contrary to what her mother says about him. She referred to him as a responsible and caring man in regards to parenting.

We are on good talking terms. Kats is a responsible and caring man when it comes to his children. He is a very good and responsible father

Fille Mutoni.

Leticia Nambaziira

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