Education truly is a very important virtue and many artists have told the youth to always focus on education first, before anything else. Singer Ykee Benda is reported to have graduated with a bachelor’s degree in engineering from Algeria, but has witnessed immense success in the music business. Apart from being a famous musician with various hit songs that have earned him his popularity, He owns Mpaka Records and has expanded it into a record label and an entertainment crew.

Singer Ykee Benda has come out to urge school-going children to prioritise their education as opposed to their talents or anything else that could distract them from their books. According to him, many youths end up abandoning their education in the name of focusing on their talents, something he believes is very wrong since attaining an education is very important.

The singer advised that while at school, it may seem that engaging in other activities besides education is a better decision, but it’s wiser to consider books first. He mentioned that the World out there was very tempting and thay there were very many distractions but that is only the devil at work because the greatest things come from getting educated.

Ykee Benda gave a briefing of his journey. He admitted that there are things a person will only learn from a school and nowhere else. He admitted that he has never practiced what he studied for but it was still fulfilling because of all the life lessons he learned from there.

I first completed my studies and then did music and it has worked for me. Although I graduated and never practised what I studied, there are so many things that I learnt from school that have helped me to become prosperous in my music business


Ykee mentioned that the small skills also matter and that he was able to learn that, learning how to manage his own business and take care of other people’s businesses as well hence the success of mpaka records. He mentioned that he learnt all this because he went to school.

I can manage myself and other artistes. I as well started up one of the biggest companies in the music industry


Leticia Nambaziira

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