Deejaying has never been easy. To other people’s eyes, it looks quite simple as a DJ graces that machine with his or her fingers, making it produce an extremely beautiful mix sound. Well it is not as easy as it seems (ask DJ Nimrod).

Zahara Toto’s fans were left in disbelief when news broke on the internet that their own lugambo queen Zahara Toto was turning to deejaying as a proffession. It was early this year when she came out about it, trading under the name DJ Zato.

Many DJs and real mix music lovers criticized her for being a wannabe and they accused her of always playing recorded mixes on a live set, but she branded them, haters. Zahara assured her fans that the mixes were not recorded but rather it was her own talent at work. She mentioned that all those who accused her of playing recorded mix tapes just hated her prosperity and they were nothing but enemies of progress.

Guess what! over the weekend while at one of the city parties, Zahara Toto steppped away from her decks to hype the crowd up while the music continued playing in the background. What shocked revellers however is that they heard scratches and songs instantly changing, yet she was not on deck.

In the video that has circulated, a rather confused and shaken Zahara Toto rushed to the decks to try and save the situation but it was too late, leaving many revellers laughing at her helplessly.

Zahara has been trending ever since this incident happened and she has been trending with many people criticising her for crossing the line and forcing herself on things that are not for her like deejaying. Fans have advised her to stick to her lugambo and do her thing rather than pretend to be what she is not.

Leticia Nambaziira

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