Taking to his Facebook page on Thursday evening, Bobi Wine decided to play a role in promoting Fic Fameica and his upvoming concert that has been dubbed “Future Fameica” . He told his wife Barbie to prepare herself because he’s taking her to Fik Fameica’s concert. Barbie in return rushed to the comment section commented in response to her hubby that she is looking for the perfect attire to grace the concert.

Despite the many concerts that have happened in the recent past, Bobi Wine has barely endorsed any. However, Fik Fameica is lucky that Bobi Wine who has large numbers because of his political and musical careers has dotted on him and decided to push his concert.

Fik Fameica in the past showed massive support towards Bobi Wine’s political career. He’s among the artists that have rallied by Bobi Wine’s message of standing with the people

This concert is likely to be a huge sellout and the venue might flood and fail to contain people just because of the Bobi Wine turn up. We all know how people literally worship bobi Wine, the self proclaimed ghetto gladiator and how they would do anything to appear wherever he appears.

Not only Bobi Wine but lots of other Ugandan musicians came out to express their support for the singer as they keep posting his concert all over their social media. We greatly anticipate for the news coming from the concert grounds that happened just yesterday night. Are you not excited?

Leticia Nambaziira

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