Celebrated musician and International award winner Eddy Kenzo has vowed to help fellow singer Latinum’s career to get back on track and in order to do that, he has already offered him a new collaboration.

Latinum broke onto the scene in 2017 with his monster track ‘Amanya Gange’. The Dancehall, Ragga, Reggae, AfroBeat, Soco, and RnB artist, however, did not make the most of his breakthrough and at some point, it felt like his brand was on a sloppy downfall.

Critics and musical analysts blamed it on the fame that he achieved at a very young age, noting how it could have gotten into his head and affected his productivity. Indeed he was a young man at that time who did not know what to do with the fame he had acquired at such a tender age.

Eddy Kenzo believes the same too. The Big Talent singer says that Latinum became popular at a very young age and as a young man, he was bound to make a few mistakes, something that was unavoidable.

Since making it to the mainstream as a young boy, he made a few mistakes because he didn’t know what to do as a young man,


Kenzo now says he wants to help the 26-year-old regain his stardom and he has already recorded a new music project with him. He mentioned that they have now sung a collabo with him in a bid to push him further in the music industry, something he believes will be a great help to the young musician.

Kenzo however mentioned that the youngster is not under his management but he will do his best to revive his past glory as a musician because he believes he is a talented young man who just needs a small push.

Kenzo is very confident that Latinum is talented enough to reclaim his spot in the industry but he needs some guidance which he is ready to offer him at all costs since he says he is Latinum’s caretaker.

Leticia Nambaziira

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