There was a video that went viral all over the internet and left very many mixed reactions among fans and netizens. In the viral video, Mc Kats could be seen demanding child custody for his daughter Abi, before losing his calm and hurling insults at the ex mother-in-law.

Among the statements that caught netizens’ attention, was that Mc Kats was the one that purchased the land where his mother-in-law resides. He bitterly mentioned that his mother in law says he is the one that spoilt her daughter but yet in reality, he is the one who gave her a stable future in music and he is the one who went ahead to purchase the land she is living on.

While appearing in an interview minutes after her performance at Fik Fameica’s concert yesterday, singer Fille remarked on the prevailing relationship between MC Kats and his mother-in-law. The singer revealed that up to now she has no idea why Mc Kats attacked her mother because he sees his daughter at any time he pleases.

Fille mentioned that she and Kats were compare ting just fine and there had never been issues when it came to provision gor their child. She mentioned that Kats was free to see his daughter any time he felt like it. She also mentioned that he had access to his daughter even via phonecall any time that he wanted to hear from her.

Fille went on to rubbish Kats’ claims that he was the owner of the land where her mum currently resides, saying she toiled in the music industry at an early age and earned everything she currently has even the so called land that Kats is talking about.

The star maintained that she can’t love a man more than her mother and be blinded to the fact that her own mother got harrased by the father of her child . Fille therefore mentioned that she wants MC Kats to man up, accept his mistake and apologize to his mother-in-law.


Leticia Nambaziira

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