According to the singer Bebe Cool, Ugandans keep blaming Nigerian singers for penetrating their market and promoting their songs in Uganda even more than the Ugandan musicians. He mentioned that this was never going to be of help to the industry but rather it will lag the industry behind. Bebe mentioned that Ugandans need to focus on pushing their own music in their country before pushing it being boarders just like Nigerians do.

Bebe mentioned that while musicians like Juliana Kanyomozi, Azawi and the singing trio of B2C garnered massive support for their concerts recently, Nigerian artistes are still doing better in terms of getting support from their local fans, something that Ugandan fans are not offering their own musicians.

I’m so grateful that you guys can turn up. We’ve got sisters and brothers having concerts everywhere in Uganda… And this message mainly goes to the media. Go and support Ugandan musicians.

Bebe Cool

Bebe cool mentioned that there is no use in hating on Nigerian Musicians because they only do their part with their fans supporting them and pushing them. He mentioned that instead of hating on them, we should learn from them and emulate them in order to push our industry further up.

The singer re-echoed sentiments recently shared by songstress Karole Kasita who said that Ugandans are not showing enough love to local musicians. He mentioned that Ugandans in most cases would rather support an outsider but not support their own local musicians however much they release good music. This tallies with what Karole Kasita said during her album launch

I think our fans need to teach themselves to love local musicians, without judging them a lot… while loving their music. Because Ugandan singers work hard. They have great music. But sometimes our fans tend to just ignore the music. You find them praising somebody else… when a local musician has released a great song, they are not paying attention,

karole kasita

Leticia Nambaziira

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