The House of Prayer Ministries head pastor Pastor Bugingo was married to his ex wife Teddy Naluswa for more than 20 years but in 2018 the couple bitterly broke up and went separate ways after Bugingo landed himself a fresh and younger bae, Suzan Makula

Pastor Bugingo even filed for a divorce in court but Teddy refused to divorce him saying they still have the opportunity to sit down and resolve their issues as married people. Bugingo did not want to talk over tea so he went harder than ever, holding a traditional Kukyala with Suzan despite the fact that he was not entirely divorced from Teddy.

It wasn’t only about divorce however but Teddy filed a petition against her hubby, suing him for bigamy which breaks the laws of Uganda, considering the fact that he went ahead to perform marriage rites with another woman while he was still hitched to his wife.

There was also the battle of fighting for properties that they had worked for together as a couple but Teddy Bugingo decided to remain with all the land titles and cars. Bugingo did not take this lightly as he fought her in court over this, saying she does not deserve to keep all these things because they belong to him.

Recently while preaching in his church however, Pastor Bugingo said he is okay with Teddy taking all the property after all he came Kampala by an army truck and he is still doing well financially. He mentioned that he is unbothered by everything she is to take after all he has life and can easily replace everything once it is taken from him. He mentioned that God saved him from so many harsh things so poverty is not so big of a challenge actually.

I came by army truck when I was coming to Kampala and I didn’t even have any sense of using a taxi, so if you decide to take away my house and Land titles I leave it for you so long as am still doing well financially, I have God even though I didn’t know him at first, God saved me from many harsh animals and snakes in the bush and when I made 25 years it was like I had spent 200 years on Earth

Pastor Bugingo

Leticia Nambaziira

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