The annual Masaka Streat Jam which is always organised by Promoter Mutima happened yesterday at Edward Avenue road in the heart of Masaka City. The anticipated show was moving all smooth as musicians graces the stage one after the other, performing for revelers up until Star Gal Spice Diana stormed the stage, not to perform but to demand for her hard earned money.

Spice entirely refused to perform and instead she kept on demanding her money from Promoter Mutima live on stage. She made it clear that in most cases artistes want to perform for their fans but they are not paid so in return they snub the concerts and fail to perform simply because they have not been paid.

Spice diana mentioned that many people would hate her for not performing at the Masaka street jam yet she is only avoiding exploitation on her side. She said she believes this is exploitation because she would end up working for free, something that may kill her in the end.

Now if I don’t perform here, fans will hate me but because of these promoters. You put me on your posters but you don’t want to pay me money. People want to kill me because of music. Pay me now


Spice Diana mentioned that she is not the only one who has not received her payment despite the fact that she was out up on the posters. She brought it to the attention of many revelers that many artists that appeared were not paid to zero balance but she had decided to be the sacrificial lamb and the voice of the voiceless, helping them to demand for their money before she actually performed.

Do what you want but I have sacrificed myself on behalf of all artistes you announced and failed to pay them

Spice Diana

Leticia Nambaziira

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