Hotel Africana saw many things during Fik Fameica’s live performance. There are so many tales to tell about all the stage performances that occured. It was a show that was worth every penny that was paid for it because revelers were left satisfied with the top notch performances from various artistes. Many were fired up when zex Bilangilangi performed as well as other various artistes.

Just as the evening proceeded, many were convinced that the highlight of the night was the ghetto gladiator together with his wife barbie kyagulanyi as they say on their table with crowds around them gawking and marvelling at them. What a perfect evening right?

The highlight of the evening however turned into the sweet and blissful moment between singers Lydia Jazmine and the man of the hour himself For fameica. We all know that the two have been rumored to be bonk mates for quite a while now despite the fact that they keep on denying these claims.

It was also alleged that Lydia secretly introduced Fik to her parents in a private ceremony early last year. Despite rubbishing the claims in the media, revellers were on Friday left convinced that the two have some chemistry reacting between them.

In the video that is Making rounds all over the internet, Lydia Jazmine dances with Fik in a very compromising position. As she squeezes her body against his, he is seen struggling for air. Maybe he was just floating on cloud 90. According to revelers, they believe his soul left his body for a while as he was seen almost collapsing but his soul must have then returned to his body just as he was about to ascend to heaven.

Revelers could not stop shouting hysterically as homeboy was humped mercilessly live on stage. Up until now, we praise God that Fameica made it through the night alive.

Leticia Nambaziira

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