During the masaka Street jam fest, there were various performances by various artists as they graced the stage, leaving revelers wanting more and more. Things changed however when singer Spice diana graced the stage. Instead of performing for revelers, she demanded for her money from the promoter, claiming that she will end up dead one day because of such instances where she ends up singing for free without payment.

Please give me my money. This is how people will hate us for not performing yet you put us up on posters without paying us. You want to kill me with music one day.

Spice Diana

Among other artistes that were allegedly not paid is Feffe Bussi, Vivian Tendo and also King Saha who didn’t step foot on stage for similar reasons.Rumour has it that most event promoters think that what Diana did wasn’t right especially given the fact she still needs Mutima to employ her for future events.

The fellow artistes that shared the same grievances however continue to applaud her for her courage in standing up gor what she believes is right because they believe what she is the best thing.

It is also alleged as corridor talk has it that the various events promoters led by Abtex had decided to gang up on her and never to book her for any of their events for a while because of this action of demanding for her money on stage.

Promoter mutima has however come out to apologise to spice Diana for the delay in her payments contrary to what they agreed upon previously. He recorded a video while apologising to her in what seemed like sincerity and he posted it all over his social media platforms. The video has attracted very many public sentiments as many Netizen’s are probing spice to let the small matter go and move ahead with life.

Leticia Nambaziira

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