Flavia Tumusime, who has been hosting the mid-morning show on radio will be leaving after 16 years of good service. It has been a wonderful journey for Flavia and unfortunately, she believes it is the right time to let go of her long built career and steer her life into a whole new direction.

Flavia is set to quit Radio and concentrate on her personal engagements such as emceeing at corporate events which has been going on for her for quite a while now. She is also planning on focusing on her engagement as a wife to Andrew Kabura as well as give more time to her marriage and her two-year-old son.

Taking to her official Instagram account, Flavia informed fans that her last show will be today, the 31st August 2022. She took the opportunity to thank everyone for always walking with her and tuning in for the best of the best always. She mentioned that is is high time for her to venture into something else and see how her potential will lead her.

Tomorrow 31st August will be my final show on Radio for the mid morning show. Its been a life and career changing experience for me since 2006. The time has come again for me to stretch my potential and see what else I can become


Flavia mentioned that when she joined radio presenting, she had no skill but only had passion for the job but she was taken in and trained to be the best of the best, something ahe is grateful for.

They took a teenager with excitement and passion and empowered me to be the best. Allow the humble brag that we pulled the best English midmorning show in the country consistently all these years. Bravo.


Flavia expressed her gratitude for all her companions as well as all her Listener’s that always took the time to listen in on her and support her all the way because it was the most beautiful experience for her.

Thank you for the patience, guidance and tremendous support over these years. To my best friends and companions on the show, the LISTENER, I’m lost for words.Thank you for accepting me and connecting with me for so long and allowing me grow over the years.


Flavia however mentioned that this was just the end of the mid morning show but she would return with something better over time at the same station

This is the end of the road for me on the midmorning show BUT certainly not the end for me at this Radio I’ll be back in another capacity sooner than you think


Leticia Nambaziira

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