Netizen’s are now convinced that Singer Geosteady is trying to worm back into his baby mama Prima Kardash’s pants using different antics. These padt few days, it seems like geosteady was hired as the spokes person for his baby mama because he has been getting involved in every fight that has been involving prima to an extent of taking bullets for him.

It started when Mr. Henrie came out to downplay prima between the sheets, saying that bleached women are not anywhere close to good in bed. His crowd was left in shock by this revelation and Prima came out to clap back, saying she could not deal with stupid people.

Geosteady butted in, saying his baby mama was nothing but a pro and he had enjoyed every minute of intimacy with her, unlike what Henrie claimed. He mentioned that Henrie must have been speaking out of anger. Now Geosteady has decided to blindly attack every person that dares to point a finger at his baby mama.

It seems Geosteady is not happy with Galaxy FM personalities who he accuses of trying to bring his baby mama, Prima Kardashi down. He clarified that he is not friends with Henrie and said he feels sorry for his career. An angry Geosteady took his anger out yet again on another Galaxy FM employee, Balaam Bob who he accuses of destroying brands.

I’m not Henrie’s friend neither his enemy i just feel sorry for his career. Galaxy fm play me OSANYUKANGAKO by Geosteady as a pay back rather than spreading this false info trying to pull my BABY MAMA down. That fool simanya BALAAM Bob alinga amatako sagala mazzi gagusajja ogwo komanina destroying brands.


Leticia Nambaziira

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